Bad Call of the Week: Week 7

This week’s bad call of the week is a tie between two horrible, game changing calls.   One was the Ben Roethlisberger phantom TD/fumble-but  somehow not really a fumble after review.  The other bad call of the week was for the Visanthe Shiancoe TD catch that was taken off the board AFTER the correct ruling of TD was made on the field.

The Shiancoe call was especially bad because the ruling on the field was correct in the first place.  But after having time to view it in slow motion from several different angles, the referee somehow incorrectly overturned the TD catch and took 4 points off the board for the Vikings.  The Vikings lost by 4 points and also had an earlier bad call go against them when the Packers were incorrectly awarded a TD earlier in the game.  Vikings fans and coach Brad Childress are understandably furious over these calls which had a huge affect on the outcome a very important game against their most bitter rival.  League officials have admitted that both calls were incorrect.

The Roethlisbeger call was also worse than your average bad call because there were several mistakes made by the officials on one play.  The first mistake was when the official signaled TD even though the ball had never crossed the goal line.  Because the of the TD signal, the officials never determined who recovered the fumble in the end zone.  After reviewing the play and determining that it was  a fumble, the officials decided to give the ball to the Steelers at the one yard line.  Even after replays very clearly showed a dolphins player diving on the ball and recovering the fumble.

Two incredibly bad calls that changed the outcome of two close, hard fought games.

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2 Responses to Bad Call of the Week: Week 7

  1. jim says:

    Even after the dolphin clearly got the ball? Really? PUhleez. So many liars so little time.

  2. MNMAVERIK says:

    Right on man. The refs have been sucking lately in the NFL. Seriously how do you make a review under the hood, overturn the call on the field, and then appologies to the Vikings for making a bad call. The refs need to do a lot better. One bad call can ompletely change the outcome a game. It can be the differee from a playoff apperane or even a Super Bowl apperance as seen last year in the Viking Saits game. I think everyone knows who really won that game.