Chiefs burned by bad call vs Texans

Surfing around the internet today I found this video from a few weeks ago.  I didn’t really see the bad call at first because Texans WR Andre Johnson obviously pushes off on Chiefs defensive back Brandon Flowers.

Looked like a pretty obvious offensive PI, even if Andre Johnson didn’t gain any advantage because of it, if you put your hands up and push a defender while the ball is in the air it is usually called.  I figured it was posted by some Andre Johnson Fantasy Owner angry that his player got 3 points taken away… Then I realized they called Pass Interference on the Defense!  All I can say is WOW.

Pass interference is a pretty subjective call that we see blown fairly often.  Sometimes it is more obvious than others, but rarely do the referees blow a pass interference call this badly.  Any Chiefs fans know if they ever received an apology from the league for this one?

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