Calvin Johnson Catch, Bears vs Lions

I can’t think of a better (or worse?) call for my first entry in the Game Changing Calls page.  This call was the definition of a Game Changing Bad Call.  The refs blew the call and the Lions went home with a loss even though they played well enough to win the game, and deserved to win the game.  While the Bears got away with a win that they really didn’t earn. This call was so bad even Chicago sportswriters admit it was a bad call.

You have to wonder how this call might have changed the season for these two teams.  If it were called correctly the lions would have started off with a big win over a division rival, and could have used the confidence gained from that win to propel them to a winning streak.  Everyone knows this isn’t the lions of the last 10 years, this team is on its way up and if they didn’t get screwed out of a week one win they could be in the hunt for a playoff spot right now.

The Bears on the other hand, would have obviously been pretty disappointed to lose to the LIONS on opening day.  A loss to the Lions could have really shaken their confidence and lead to some problems in the bears locker room early in the season.

We will never know how the season would have played out if the correct call would have been made, but we as fans deserve to know.  That is why will be here every week analyzing and discussing every bad call in the NFL.

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