Another Bad Call In Eagles – Colts game, Officials doing everything they can to keep Colts in it

Another bad call in the Eagles – Colts game has the Eagles and their fans fuming.  Officials kept a Colts drive alive with a very questionable “blow to the head” call after Peyton Manning failed to convert on 4th down late in the Colts – Eagles game.  Manning was stripped on 4th and 18, but Eagles defender Trent Cole’s hand brushed against Manning’s helmet as he tried to strip the ball.  Officials called unnecessary roughness on the play. 1st down Colts.

Even if the rules state that you cannot touch a QB’s head, this call was ridiculous.  We see this kind of incidental contact happen all the time without a flag, but on 4th and 18 with the game on the line they decide to call it and take away a huge defensive stand by the Eagles?  The  Colts went on to score on the drive and had a chance to win the game but came up short.  Many people will surely point out that most QB’s not named Peyton or Brady would not get this call.  I would tend to agree.  View the call here, about 2:25 in.  Once again even the guys working for the NFL said this was a horrible call.

Was this just a bad call at a bad time or do the officials really favor Manning and the Colts?

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5 Responses to Another Bad Call In Eagles – Colts game, Officials doing everything they can to keep Colts in it

  1. EWTHeckman says:

    What about that play where the Colts receiver ran into an Eagles defender who was staying in one spot, but the refs called it on the defender? Seems to me that this one deserves its own entry as a bad call.

    Or the Colts punter who left his feet of his own volition and landed on a fallen defender, drawing a roughing the kicker call? This one is more borderline, but still…

    Or the call of unsportsmanlike conduct against the Eagles when a Colt was yelling out signals?

    Or the face mask foul committed by a Colt which wasn’t called?

    Lots of bad calls in this game. (And far too many calls against the Eagles which they did deserve. Stupid Eagles.)

    • admin says:

      Great Post EWTHeckman! This is exactly the kind of feedback I’m looking for. I can’t catch every bad call by myself but with you guys’ help I can hopefully get most of them. I will definitely check these calls out. I heard about the PI one but not the others. Thanks for your input. Once I can find video to confirm these I they will get their own post. Looks like the officiating in this game was even worse than I though.

  2. ColtsFan says:

    Yeah, I liked the way my team almost beat The Eagles. Thanks refs! Can we pay off the refs anymore?

  3. admin says:

    It sure seems like Manning and Brady seem to get the benefit of the doubt on these calls more than any other QBs. Not sure if its just cause those are high profile guys and we hear about them more, or if they really do benefit from more bad calls. That is one of the goals of this site, to see who gets the most bad calls for, and against them. I know Raiders and Ravens fans talk about the officials hating their teams but I haven’t seen much of that lately. We will see how the season plays out.

  4. indyfan says:

    I’m a diehard colts fan, and I am embarrassed for what I saw last night. The Collie hit deserved a flag, the defender lead with his helmet and almost broke collie’s neck. But the roughing play on 4th down was a joke. Calls like that give us a bad reputation.