Texans Vs Chargers – Arian Foster Robbed of TD before half?

In a play similar to the Calvin Johnson catch that somehow wasn’t a catch, Arian Foster had a TD taken off the board late in the 2nd quarter of the Texans – Chargers game.  Foster caught the pass outside of the endzone, took 2 steps, made a “football move” and crossed the goal line.  He was being tackled as he crossed the line and as he was holding the ball out to get it over the goal line it hit the ground and came out of his hand.  This play was very similar to the Calvin Johnson catch except in this case Foster actually caught the ball outside of the endzone.  Meaning that the instant the ball crosses the goal line, it is a touchdown, and the play is over.  It would then not matter whether he dropped the ball or not because the play ends the second the ball crosses the plane.  Officials reviewed the catch and determined that it was not a catch.

Was this a blown call or did they get it right?  Looked to me like a catch and since the ball didn’t come out until after it crossed the plane, it should have been ruled a TD.  What do you guys think.  This one isn’t as obvious as the Calvin Johnson catch so I’d like a little feedback before I go ahead and rule it a bad call.

You can watch the play here, about 1:45 in.

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2 Responses to Texans Vs Chargers – Arian Foster Robbed of TD before half?

  1. Lonnie says:

    This call was actually consistent with the Calvin Johnson “catch” ruling incomplete. I was frustrated that it was ruled a catch on the field, where the one by C.J. was ruled a catch by the nearest official, then changed and upheld by replay. The fact that he crossed the goal line is irrelevant, he has to maintain possession throughout the catch going to the ground. C.J. caught the ball, 2 feet down, a lunge, a thigh, an arm all down (with the ball in his firm control above him) and then in the process of rolling over to get up and put the ball on the ground it gets bumped out. He did a lot more to establish possession. Given the ruling of a non-catch, at least they have been consistent in applying it this season, so it’s not a “bad call” but a bad rule applied illogically, but consistently.

    • admin says:

      Great post Lonnie. I agree that foster did not maintain possession through the catch. But we have been told for years that the instant the ball crosses the goal line, it is a Touchdown, and whatever happens a split second after that is irrelevant, because the play ends when the ball crosses the line.

      This was the explanation used when Lance Moore Caught a 2point conversion in the Super Bowl. Even though he dropped the ball when he hit the ground, officials ruled that the play ended the second the ball crossed the goal line, and it didn’t matter what happened after that because the play was already over. It was very similar to this call in that he caught the ball, moved the ball over the goal line and then dropped it after it had already crossed the goal line. The way the officials are calling plays these days I dont know which one is right, but they were very similar plays with different rulings, so one of the two plays was a blown call. I remember there was A LOT of explanation on why the Lance Moore Catch was ruled a catch, even thought he dropped the ball when he hit the ground.