Ravens – Falcons: Did Roddy White Push Off?

Another controversial call on a late, game winning touchdown catch. This time it was Matt Ryan hooking up with Roddy White for the winning TD with 20 seconds left. The problem is that White appeared to push off corner back Josh Wilson, allowing him to get open for the TD. Wilson was calling for a flag after the play but officials ruled the play a TD, with no penalty.

I know some people will say “let them play.” But that answer likely won’t cut it for Ravens fans who feel like they have been robbed of a win. We have seen Offensive Pass Interference called on push offs like this before, so why not here? Let me know what you think in the comments. Ill have a video link up as soon as possible for those of you without NFL network.

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6 Responses to Ravens – Falcons: Did Roddy White Push Off?

  1. richardmoore says:

    The call for pass interference on Gonzales was another bad call. The ball was uncatchable and the defensive man clearly didnt touch Gonzales when they showed the replay. Great coverage, bad call!

  2. richardmoore says:

    Ravens were robbed again. You would think the refs would call the game correctly with all the advanced technology available. Even with instant replay bad calls are common against the Ravens. When is it going to stop or how can the Ravens stop this from happening again in the future? Why are the refs not being held accountable? ESPN or no one is speaking up. I watched several games and offensive pass interference was called for all the others teams.

    • admin says:

      I agree that refs aren’t really held accountable. The media doesn’t really like to speak up about bad officiating. This is why I created this site. This is a place for people to talk about bad officiating in football and to collect all the bad calls in one place, so we can analyze them and see if there are any patterns. If nothing else this can be a place for people to come and vent about bad calls with other football fans who are sick of bad officiating.

  3. Jerome Kelley says:

    Don’t be a sore looser. Ain’t nothing worse than a whiner.

    • richardmoore says:

      The play speaks for itself. Just get the call right and if we lose because the other team won without the benefit of bad calls, I wouldn’t have any comments. Face mask on Suggs! The replay clearly showed the other guys’ hand gripping Suggs’ face mask. The replay also clearly showed the receiver pushing off not once but twice during the game. Bad calls will make anyone bitter. I can take a lost as long as we were not cheated.

  4. RayRay88 says:

    Ravens got robbed again, whats new. Matt Ryan is the next media darling QB. They can’t stop talking about how great he is. If it takes 3 bs calls late in the 4th to beat the ravens, then I think this team is in pretty good shape. They just need to start blowing teams out so the refs cant screw them over any more