Terrell Suggs flagged for facemask, keeps Falcons drive alive

A facemask penalty by Ravens Linebacker Terrell Suggs has extended a Falcons drive early in the 4th quarter Thursday Night in Atlanta.  Suggs did clearly grab Atlanta Running Back Jason Snelling’s facemask.  But what makes this a bad call is that Snelling also grabbed Suggs’ facemask at the same time.  But for some reason only Suggs was flagged on the play.  I don’t know how the official could not have seen Snelling with a hand full of facemask, because the two players were holding each others’ facemasks at the exact same time.

There should have been a facemask penalty called on both players, which would have offset.  Atlanta did not pick up a first down on the play so they would have been forced to punt.  Instead they ended up driving down the field and scoring a touchdown.  I am sure we will hear from Suggs about this call later in the week.  The Ravens and their fans have complained for years about bad officiating and this is a perfect example of why.

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