Bad Pass Interference Call in overtime of Rams – 49ers Game gives San Francisco a win

On 3rd and 2 from the Rams 45 yard line, Troy Smith was chased from the pocket and threw up what looked to be an uncatchable pass. Rams Safety OJ Atogwe was running full speed with 49ers tight end Delanie Walker when Walker saw the badly thrown pass and stopped and tried to turn around, causing Atogwe to run into him.

This looked like a bad call to me because not only was the ball obviously uncatchable, but it appeared that Walker deserved to be called for PI more than Atogwe did. I receiver cannot run full speed, and then stop right in front of a chasing defender, causing the defender to run into them, which is exactly what Walker did on this play.

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5 Responses to Bad Pass Interference Call in overtime of Rams – 49ers Game gives San Francisco a win

  1. KandS says:

    Oh, and one other thing . . . Tim Ryan, who was calling the game on Fox, stated before Hochule announced the call that it would be Offensive PI. Not that that makes any difference, and not that he was right, but just sayin’ Apparently not only Rams fans (of which Tim Ryan will never accused of being one) saw the play differently than both the refs and the 49’ers fans (who can hardly be ripped for being grateful for any win right now, even if they do need the refs to seal the deal, which the ‘Niners couldn’t seem to do on their own.)

  2. KandS says:

    Jared => Even from behind my “yellow and blue” glasses, I wouldn’t argue that the 49’ers outplayed the Rams yesterday. However, you need to take off your “red and gold” glasses and look at the replays: Every play that was called back against the 49’ers was a legitimate call. Absolutely no doubt about that. The replays shown after each call supported the calls. Now, that’s a fact. Having said that, the call that’s in question on this page was, plain and simple, a bad call. The NFL Rules Digest clearly states that the ball must be “catchable” in order for PI to be called. Further, the defender was bumped by the receiver, not vice versa. That makes it either Offensive PI, or incidental contact. I believe it was the latter — and, again, the rules clearly state that if there is ANY doubt whether the contact was incidental, then NO PI should be called. You’re entitled to be a homer for your team, but geez, at least learn the rules before you comment about a particular topic.

  3. Jared says:

    LOL!….I dont think that the PASS INTERFERENCE at the end of the game cost the rams a win….How about the THREE touchdowns, and one interception called back on the 49ers……Or the fact that the Rams porous defense gave up a first down on a 4th and 18 near the end of regulation, which lead to 49ers taking the lead..How about when the Rams won the coin toss for the first possession of overtime, and couldnt even get a first down…..You biased Rams fans, with your ridiculous yellow and blue tinted glasses, need to realize, that the refs didnt beat you, but that team from San Francisco sure as hell did. Face it…our QB was better than yours, our play makers were more apparent than yours, and our defense showed up when it was crunch time. Thats the facts.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are an idiot, and I’m not even a Rams fan

    • Jason says:

      Oh, so the play that set up the winning field (on a bad call) didn’t cost the game. I didn’t realize that losing could cost you a game. All of the calls against the niners were completely legitimate (you apparently own a computer with internet, so go watch the replays). Porous Defense? Again, you own a computer, go look at the rankings for NFL defenses. Rams 12th Niners 16th. Couldn’t get a first down? Which team was 0 for 11 on third down? And which team had 3 more first downs than the other? Before making even as simplistic a comment as yours, I would suggest actually reading “the facts”.