Bad Call of the Week: Week 10

It was a close call this week between two game changing pass interference penalties. One that should have been called but wasn’t, and one that shouldn’t have been called but was. The non-call on Roddy White allowed the Falcons to beat the Ravens and stay in first place in the NFC.  The pass interference call on OJ Atagwe allowed the 49ers kick a field goal and beat the St.  Louis Rams in overtime.  So which one was the worst call of the week?

Even though both calls basically handed one team a win, I thought that the Roddy White call was the worst call of week 10 because the Ravens – Falcons game was higher profile with more playoff implications.  In what is looking to be a close race for home field advantage in both conferences, the Falcons got a lucky break with this call and their biggest win of the season.  The Ravens play in the more competitive AFC and this loss could end up costing them home field advantage.

The Roddy White call also got a lot more attention from the media.  Most analysts agreed that pass interference should have been called, and 83% of voters here at agreed.   Even Roddy White himself admitted that he pushed off on Josh Wilson, saying ““Yeah, you’ve got to do whatever you’ve got to do to win, It was one-on-one coverage with one guy. But he was kind of flat-footed, and he tried to grab me, so I just pushed him down.”

The Ravens also submitted this call to the NFL for review, but the NFL usually does not publicly apologize to teams for bad calls, so we probably won’t hear any more about this call.

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