Ellis Hobbs knocked out by Helmet to Helmet hit, but no flag…

Eagles kick returner Ellis Hobbs was carted off the field Sunday night after a helmet to helmet hit left him motionless on the turf.  There was no penalty on the play even though the Giants defender seemed to lower his helmet and drive it into Hobbs’ helmet on the tackle.   The Eagles had a similar helmet to helmet hit called a penalty a few weeks ago After Colts receiver Austin Collie was carted of the field after what looked like incidental helmet to helmet contact In this case the contact looked intentional.  Interesting that the Collie hit was flagged but this one wasn’t.  You can see the play here.  Bad call or not, what do you guys think?

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3 Responses to Ellis Hobbs knocked out by Helmet to Helmet hit, but no flag…

  1. Lonnie says:

    I think the part about not being defenseless was the fact that he was a runner (returning a kick). However, the defender put his head down and not only led with the top of his helmet, he didn’t even reach out with his hands until after contact was made. He attempted the stop with only the top of his helmet. I was as surprised as you that no flag was thrown – but certainly there’d be a fine?

    • admin says:

      There should be a fine. We have seen players fined this year for legal, NON- helmet to helmet hits. So I dont know how he wont be fined for this blatant helmet to helmet hit.

  2. Eagles says:

    Eagles fans are used to bad calls, we still win the game tho.