Andre Johnson Ejected for fight with Cortland Finnegan

Obviously it was way out of line for Andre Johnson to punch Finnegan repeatedly, and deserved an ejection.  But watch what Finnegan did that triggered the outburst from Johnson.  Finnegan jams Johnson hard in the neck area, underneath his helmet.  Have you ever been punched in the throat?  Because that is basically what Finnegan did to provoke this outburst from Andre Johnson.  I can see why the normally calm and quiet Johnson went off and started swinging.

This was an obvious cheap shot from a player with a long history of cheap shots and dirty play.  Andre Johnson is know as a soft spoken, humble, disciplined football player.  Basically the opposite of every “diva” WR in history.  I hope that NFL officials look Finnegan’s history and what he did that set Johnson off, and fine him for this dirty play.  I could only find the one replay of this incident, but others who watched the game live have reported that Finnegan was jamming Johnson in the underneath his helmet like this all game, but was not penalized for it.   Obviously Johnson needed to be ejected for what he did, but don’t you think Finnegan deserved a penalty, and possibly an ejection before Andre Johnson had to take matters into his own hands?

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One Response to Andre Johnson Ejected for fight with Cortland Finnegan

  1. Joseph says:

    Cortland Finnegan is a queer, he has goofy clown hair and he fights like a girl.