Missed Helmet to Helmet Call in Steelers – Ravens Game

This is getting ridiculous. NFL officials have once again managed to screw up a helmet to helmet call. This time it was a blatant leading with the helmet tackle by a Ravens defender on a defenseless Steelers receiver Heath Miller late in the 3rd quarter. Millers head snapped backwards on the hit and he was carted off the field. Even the announcers on Sunday Night Football could not believe it was not called unnecessary roughness. After all the questionable penalties called on James Harrison and the Steelers this this year, the Steelers have to be furious that this play was not flagged.

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One Response to Missed Helmet to Helmet Call in Steelers – Ravens Game

  1. Ben Austro says:

    Peter King of SI/NBC confirmed that it should have been called with ref VP Carl Johnson. Miller lowered his head into the path of McClain, but that isn’t the same as an open-field runner who lowers his head and creates the helmet-to-helmet situation.