Replacement Refs Give Seattle 4 Timeouts

As I stated in an earlier post from week one, I think the biggest weakness of the replacement officials this year will be their inability to administer the basic rules of the game correctly. A perfect example came in the 4th quarter of the week one game between the Seahawks and the Cardinals.

As most serious NFL fans know, a timeout is charged to a team if one of their players in injured in the final 2 minutes of a half. This is to prevent teams from using fake injuries as free timeouts. Apparently the replacement officials skipped that lesson, because they did not take away Seattle’s final timeout as they should have when an injury stopped the clock with less than two minutes to go in the 4th. Seattle then called a timeout a few plays later when they should have had none, and officials gave it to them, and incorrectly explained that Seattle had a timeout left.

If the replacements continue to miss basic calls like this, the NFL may be forced to cave to the regular officials demands.

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