Bad call costs Packers a win, Seahawks have Hail Mary prayer answered by the replacement officals

This was the NFL’s biggest fear with the replacement officials. That they would cost a team a win and determine the outcome of a game with a bad call. Well now it has happened, and in dramatic fashion on Monday Night Football.

The Green Bay Packers were robbed of a win when officials inexplicably ruled that Golden Tate caught a hail Mary pass on the last play of the game. Replays clearly showed that not only should a offensive pass interference penalty have been called, but that the Packers actually intercepted the ball.

The controversy started when two officials simultaneously signaled different outcomes for the play. One official correctly ruled it an interception while the other signaled touchdown. After that it went to a booth review as all scoring plays do. Somehow the original ruling on the field of a touchdown was upheld when it looked obvious to most people that the Packers had intercepted the ball. If you didn’t already see the endless replays while watching the game live, you can watch it here on the NFL’s official site.

The NFL will have a lot of explaining to do about this call and it could be the catalyst needed to end the lockout of the regular officials. Adding to the embarrassment for the league with this bad call is the fact that the officials ran off the field before the Seahawks had kicked the extra point, and further illustrating their incompetence.

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