Replacements Refs have their worst game yet in Baltimore Sunday Night – Patriots vs. Ravens

Instead of getting better and adjusting to the speed of the NFL game, the replacement officials seem to be getting worse every week. On a Sunday full of bad calls the replacements had arguably their worst game in prime time on Sunday Night between the Ravens and the Patriots.

The replacement officials repeatedly made questionable calls against both teams. There were so many bad calls in this game I won’t even try to get in to them individually. Many of the calls extended drives and awarded free first downs. With so many bad calls going both ways in this game it is impossible to tell what the outcome would have been if this game were properly officiated. There was even controversy with the game winning field goal when it cleared the top of the right upright and it was unclear if the field goal was good or not.¬† While the call was ultimately made correctly on the field goal, the ruling could have been explained on the field afterwards as the normal officials often do with controversial or confusing calls.

This was far from being  the only poorly officiated game this weekend. Later we will get into the embarrassment that happened in the 4th quarter of the Vikings Р49ers game, where John Harbaugh and the 49ers essentially got 5 time outs and 2 challenges in the final 3 minutes of the game, along with avoiding delay of game and unsportsmanlike conduct penalties of their own.

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