Officials make epic blunder in Redskins – Giants game, skip from 1st down to 4th down.

Officials made a colossal mistake on the final drive of Sunday Nights game between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants that could have cost Washington the game.  The redskins completed a 2nd down pass for what appeared to be a first down, and was signaled a first down by officials on the field.  The down marker on the sideline also changed to signal a first down.

The redskins then passed down field on what they thought was first down and the play resulted in an incompletion.  After the play officials apparently changed their mind about their earlier call and decided it should not have been a first down, and inexplicably changed the down to 4th down.  Obviously having a 1st and 10 vs a 3rd and 1 would have a drastic effect on the play-calling in this situation.  On the bogus 4th and 1 play Washington passed short and turned the ball over on a fumble.

In a season full of questionable and downright BAD CALLS, this one is a new low for the NFL. A coach was lied to and told that he had a 1st down, even when he specifically asked for a measurement, officials told him he didn’t need one because it was a first down.  They then let him run a play believing it was 1st down, before changing their minds and telling him that it is now 4th down. Even the replacement officials never screwed up this bad.

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