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I try to watch as much football as possible, but it is impossible for me to catch every bad call from every game.  And bad calls do happen in every game.  They aren’t always totally obvious game changing calls, but NFL officials make mistakes all the time, and it is our goal here at Bad Calls to shine light on these calls and not let the NFL ignore them. If you see a bad call post it here for everyone else to discuss.  It might even be a featured bad call or a post of the week.

Don’t let the NFL ignore bad officiating, call them out on every bad call you see!  Bad officiating is unacceptable in the most popular sport in America.  We as fans deserve a fair and properly officiated game!

Please only report actual BAD  CALLS.  Calls where the official blew the call or made the wrong call.  Do not post calls here because officials made the correct call but it was against your team.  If you are not sure if the correct call was made post it here and let the community decide.

4 Responses to Report A Bad Call

  1. Lonnie says:

    Seems the officials either have something against Suh, or he’s just so good & strong that they assume he must be doing something illegal. In the video you can see that after Cutler runs with the ball Suh comes over and puts both hands on the shoulder pads of Cutler (right were his name is) and pushes him to the ground. The refs called Suh for unnecessary roughness – elbow to the head, but clearly there was no elbow, and didn’t touch the helmet of Cutler.

    • admin says:

      yea it does appear that Suh has earned a reputation similar to Jerome Harrison that will cause any questionable hit to be flagged.

      What bothers me is that most of the hits that Suh has been penalized for were clean hits.

      Once a player earns a reputation like this it is almost impossible to shake it. Look for more questionable calls against Suh in the future.

  2. Matt Rusch says:

    During the Patriots, Chargers game, Rivers threw a pass that ruled a lateral but should have been ruled a forward pass. Even after review, the play was ruled a lateral, but you can clearly see that the ball goes forward. Here is link to video:

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the tip Matt, the video is not working now, probably because it was indeed a bad call and the NFL doesn’t really want people to see the replay. Gonna do some more digging but this one sounds like it is definitely worthy of its own post. Please let me know if you see any other bad calls. It will be impossible for me to catch every bad call like this without help from you guys. Thanks again Matt!

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